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This table must not be manually created. Users should skip this, and all other tables marked "Built by script" in this summary, preparing only the rest of their datapackage's TSV files (those marked "Prepared by submitter") for submission. Once the "Prepared by submitter" tables are ready, users should then use the C2M2 submission prep script to automatically generate this table (and the other "Built by script" tables) using the information in the "Prepared by submitter" tables.

Each row in this table is equivalent to the statement "phenotype X is known to be associated with gene Y", for one particular (phenotype X, gene Y) pair; contents are autoloaded from HPO by the submission prep script, which adds one row for every gene term associated with every phenotype term used in collection_phenotype.tsv or subject_phenotype.tsv.

All associations expressed in this table have been predetermined by the curators of the Human Phenotype Ontology: associations included in phenotype_gene.tsv for a given submission will be those that contain HPO phenotype terms in submitter-prepared tables.

FieldField DescriptionRequired?Field Value TypeExtra Info
phenotypeA valid Human Phenotype Ontology termRequiredstringHuman Phenotype Ontology lookup Examples: HP:0000349, HP:0012425
geneAn Ensembl gene IDRequiredstringExample: ENSG00000010404

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