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A table listing identifier namespaces registered by the DCC submitting this C2M2 instance

Each identifier namespace is a unique URI prefix, pre-registered with CFDE and attached to your program (or a subset of your program) that identifies anything labeled with it as belonging to you. Please see the technical documentation for a full discussion of how this information is built and used.

The id_namespace.tsv table will contain one row per identifier namespace registered with CFDE for your program.

FieldField DescriptionRequired?Field Value TypeExtra Info
idA globally unique ID representing this identifier namespaceRequiredstring
abbreviationA very short display label for this namespaceOptionalstringShould not exceed 10 characters; can only contain 0-9, a-z, A-Z and underscore ("_").
nameA short, human-readable, machine-read-friendly label for this namespaceRequiredstringMust be unique to each identifier namespace.
descriptionA human-readable description of this namespaceOptionalstring

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